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I have spent over a decade of my life in a career that demands confidence and leadership skills.  A career where expectations are extremely high and where the people you serve question your every move. Without a solid foundation and belief in my own abilities, I may have never survived as long as I have: literally and figuratively.

As a Police Officer I served in several roles. As a training officer I helped others become confident in their abilities and made them think rather than telling them how to act. This is important when developing those around you. As a member of the SWAT team, I learned the value of teamwork and coordination. Even more importantly I learned the ability to control myself in a highly stressful environment. As a Detective I learned a higher level of listening and communication skills. The skill to quickly build rapport with others and have them place their trust in me.

As a supervisor I learned how to take charge in a team setting and guide my sphere of influence to excel beyond what they believed were their limited capabilities. I worked to improve my emotional intelligence and I was able to take the skills I learned along the way and apply them in a leadership role.

This combination of skills in confidence, persistence, self-awareness and overall emotional health is rare in today's world. They have all made me a better father, friend and business owner.

As a Peak Performance Consultant, all of these skills that I have obtained in my life and career have led me to this point. The real-life experience of having these types of conversations and seeing the growth of others that I have had the privilege to influence has open my eyes to the purpose in my life. I have realized how much joy I get from seeing others succeed, in all aspects of their lives. I am committed to inspiring others and helping them discover their limitless possibilities.


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Every Interaction