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There are three keys in you that must be forged in order to achieve Peak Performance. Your Mentality, your Emotional Fortitude and your Health Consciousness. Each one relies on the other. When one is out of balance the rest suffer. You might be one that suffers in all three areas. You might excel in one and fail in the others. You could even be a hard working, lucky bastard and have two in alignment. 

There is a reason you are here. You're suffering in one or all areas. You are done with the pain and anger you feel daily. Make the commitment to better yourself in all areas of you life. You owe it to your business, you owe it to your family and you owe it to your damn self. 



Your mentality is key to any level of success. I will be perfectly clear on this idea. I know you have heard this before, that "Knowledge is Power." Guess what? Just because you know something doesn't mean you act on it.

You know smoking is unhealthy, you know drinking is unhealthy. You know the guilt you feel when you don't keep your word. Yet you still smoke, drink and fuck off. 

In this program we will show you how to decisively implement the knowledge you already have and the new techniques you will learn. 


This isn't some hug-a-thug, kumbaya, chanting circle shit. Your Emotional Fortitude is your ability to quickly recover from failures, disappointments, let downs and frustrations. 

You must be in control of your emotional reactions. Once you master this skill, you will be able to move on to higher levels, like mastering other's emotions. 

In this program you will learn the power  to harness emotions and the power to release them.


You are in one of three areas. You have never been in shape, you used to be in shape or you think you are in shape. 

Health Consciousness is the foundation key in unchaining your confidence. Without a solid foundation of Health in the body, you will suffer in the other key areas. 

In this program we will create your foundation of Health Consciousness and allow you to support your Mentality and Emotional Fortitude again.