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The first step to being confident is accepting that you are not always right. This can be difficult for some of us to swallow. Especially those of us that fail to accept that you aren't always the smartest person in the room. It also may sound counter-intuitive to admit being wrong in order to become confident.

Think of it this way. How much trust do you place in someone else when they always assume to be correct, no matter the circumstance, just to make themselves feel superior to the rest of the room? Think of how insecure that person really is. They are so afraid that if they are wrong about something or if someone else overshadows them that everyone else will see what a fool they really are.

In contrast, think about someone who has strong opinions and is very thoughtful about different topics and can also accept someone else's opinion. Perhaps they are even open to the idea that they are incorrect about certain facts on the topic of discussion. Someone that is open to a discussion of different opinions or different ways to accomplish a task. How does that person come across to you? That is a confident and secure person who is not afraid of being wrong.

Speaking for myself, I love when people tell me I’m wrong. The last thing I want to do is continue spouting off incorrect facts about a topic I know just enough about to be dangerous. In leadership positions I continually asked the people I supervised for input on how best to complete a task. I was not afraid for a better idea to come from a subordinate, I welcomed it. I can also accept differing opinions and have the ability to see circumstances from both sides of the fence.

Don’t be afraid of being wrong. Not accepting that you may be incorrect leads to being viewed as arrogant and others will lose confidence in you and your abilities. Not being able to accept differing opinions just leads to a narrow field of vision to operate within. Open yourself up to all possibilities and be confident that no one can rattle you with a correction. It’s okay to be wrong….

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