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Negative Influences

Think about the recreational activities that have a negative impact on you: the television shows and movies you watch, the music you listen to, conversations you choose to be part of, watching the news, negative social media posts and numerous other things that can have an impact on your emotional state. You choose to allow those things in your life. You give those things power to influence you. You control their access to your mind.Choosing to expose yourself to continual negative influence is exhausting, whether you realize it or not.

Personally, I know that music has the ability to change my mood. I have to be careful when listening to a particularly sad album in its entirety. I will end up in a much lower mood than I prefer to be in. Understanding this and being aware of this idea I control how I use this as a tool to affect how I want to feel during certain times of the day. I will play different music when I write, as opposed to when I am in the gym. If I am not feeling well, I make it a point to play upbeat music to help me feel better. I want you all to become aware and the things that can influence us and take control of them.

The information and circumstances that we expose ourselves to on a daily basis significantly affect our emotional state. Having a habit of being around a specific type of negative influence may not seem as though you’re being affected by it. Consider that you have created a baseline of a negative emotional state that you are used to being in. It can be difficult to imagine being in a more consistently positive emotional state, if that isn’t something you’re used to. By eliminating certain negative impacts on your life, you may start to see a shift in your overall emotional well-being.

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