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Who Do You Compare Yourself To?

It's human nature to compare yourself to others. We all have a tendency to look at people that have more than us or people that are more successful than ourselves and become jealous. We see all the "happy" people on social media or television and tell ourselves that we want all of that. What effect does it have on your emotional state?

If we are always comparing our lives to other people, how can you be happy in the life you have right now? You might be jealous or envious of someone else's life or the things that have. How does that contribute to your overall happiness? What it ends up doing is taking you out of the present moment and sends us to the space where most people spend their life. Thinking about the past or the future.

Then you have those people that will undermine others or talk badly about them because they don't think they should be better off than themselves. "If I can't be happy, they shouldn't be either. " or "They are so lucky." This is one way that people make themselves feel better. They try to bring others down to their level, rather than rising up to the higher level themselves.

It's okay to strive to achieve more in your life. It's difficult for people to understand that the material things or a perceived life style won't create happiness. It's all about the journey and struggle along the way. When you compare yourself to others it can lead to being in a negative emotional state. Be happy with where you are in your life right now. If you want to go out and get things or change things about your life, do it because that's what you want. Don't do it because it's what someone else has.

Stop comparing. Life your life. Be happy.

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